Hon. Francis Nkwain: “CPDM Is Not Threatened By Marafa, Inoni Detention”

CPDM Central Committee leader to the Northwest Region, Hon. Francis Nkwain, has said the party is unperturbed by the arrest of Marafa Hamidou Yaya and Chief Ephraim Inoni. He made the statement during a seminar in Bamenda aimed at sensitising militants on the new electoral code and recent happenings affecting the party.

According to Nkwain, the party cannot be expected to take responsibility for the action of individuals. Nkwain said from the point of law, the party considers that detained individuals or those summoned to give statements in litigations, are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

“Our role as a ruling party is to make sure that impartiality and the independence of the judiciary are guaranteed, in the same way as we watch over the smooth functioning of all our republican institutions,” Nkwain said.

As such, Nkwain declared that “the party is not threatened in any way by the fight against corruption, on the contrary, the party is very proud of this fight and the vast majority of our militants, as well as a cross-section of Cameroonians understand that this battle is worth its while.”

“In this fight the party is resolutely behind President Biya, and as such, each one of us must endeavour to take up our responsibility, and support our National President every time everywhere.” Nkwain told top party militants, including Mayors, MPs, Fons and Ministers from the Northwest that the context of the seminar was quite peculiar.

“It is holding at a time when national opinion is greatly animated by the recent detention of two eminent members of the executive structures of our party. These are comrades who have held offices of extremely heavy responsibility, having worked in very close collaboration with the Head of State, National President of the CPDM Party,” Nkwain noted.

Nkwain cited many instances where President Biya has intimated publicly that he will stop at nothing to fight corruption because the party hinges on rigour and moralisation from inception. He said in the discharge of their duties, CPDM militants, who are appointed, take personal responsibility for their acts.

He appealed to militants and sympathizers not to be distracted by what he termed cheap declarations, because Cameroon, according to him, has competent State institutions to handle all these concerns.

Nkwain, meanwhile, said the new electoral code makes for a transparent electoral process and offers ELECAM centre stage in the organisation of elections. He said a good understanding of the electoral code is sina qua non condition ahead of imminent Municipal and Legislative elections.

Nkwain said though the electoral code was voted by the National Assembly and promulgated into law by the Head of State, “however, it could still be perfected, as any other human venture, but in its current state, it guarantees the holding of free and fair elections.”

Facilitators at the seminar were: Professor Ephraim Ngwafor, who talked on the Electoral Code, Mrs. Emma Eno Lafon lectured on the main innovations of the revision of the basic texts of the CPDM, while Dr. Ndi Fontah Boma Nyamndi talked on the resolutions of the 3rd Congress of the CPDM party.

Chris Mbunwe | June 7, 2012 | Posst Online

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