G’ment launches three phase vaccination campaign against polio

The Government of the Republic of Cameroon has launched a three phase vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis on the national triangle.


Polio vaccine administered to a child. (photo credit: (Reuters)

Just like in all the other Regions of the country, the Southwest Region and all its Health Districts will collaborate to make sure almost 200.000 children are vaccinated in the exercise which will take place in the months of January, February and March 2014.

The vaccinations will take place from the 16th to the 19th of January, from the 6th to the 9th of February and from the 1st to the 2nd of March 2014.Hundreds of thousands of children  between the ages of 0 to 5 years will receive two drops of the Polio Oral Vaccine each time they are vaccinated. According to Mama Fouda, the Minister of Public Health, Poliomyelitis has become an issue of urgency in Cameroon. This is understandable because, since the beginning of the year 2013, four cases of wild Polio-virus were confirmed in the country. This cases were identified in the Malentouen Health District and the Foumbot Health Districts all in the West Region.

This is very disquieting because firstly it is the first case of Wild Polio-virus to be identified in the whole of the Central African Sub Region and secondly because it comes from and area that is considered to be a low risk area.

This cases of polio come after a stretch of four years during which no case of poliomyelitis was spotted in Cameroon. The last time when a wild and local variety of polio-virus was last identified in Cameroon was in 2009. It is with an intention of stopping this threat that the Cameroonian Government has decided to reinforce the immunity of the target populations through multiple campaigns against this health threat. While equal emphasis is being placed over all the National territory, special attention however is being placed on the East Region.

According to the Regional Delegate of Health for  the East Region, the Central African Crises has rendered the region not only exposed to Poliomyelitis but to other pandemics, notably HIV, tuberculosis and cholera.

The Central African Crises it should be noted has provoked an influx of refuges into the region with the most recent figures rising up to 60.000 according to the High Commissioner for refuges (HCR). These refuges stream in under very precarious conditions which favor the propagation of these pandemics.

In the Southwest Region, the Regional Delegate and all the Health District Heads called on family heads to facilitate the task of teams that descended into the field on the 16th of January. Poliomyelitis is a contagious disease that attacks the legs and arms paralysing and weakening them through out your life time.

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