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Cameroon, the threshold of Africa! Cameroon, the microcosm of Africa! These nicknames given to Cameroon mean exactly what they portray: a land blessed with a little bit of everything found in the entire continent, from the wild life standpoint to the climate context and the ethnic diversities. Cameroon is the confluence point of the great African migrations at around the 14th century that made people of very different ethnic groups converge toward that central part of Africa. The complexity of many diverse groups of people created a very rich social body that has been one of the flattering attributes of Cameroonians, all the way from the independence. The economic progress, thus, its social stability had been constantly growing, during the 70’s…and then, in the 80’s and unfortunately until the present time, something made the progress slow down and eventually freezes.

The social body called Cameroon is ill. Cameroon is ill in its economic organs; Cameroon is ill in its social cohesion organs; Cameroon is ill in its educational organs; Cameroon is ill in its moral, civic, ethical and spiritual organs. The ravage of unemployment is destroying the youth who, with their college degrees cannot find jobs. They are forced to drive “bend skin” in order to survive; that is UNACCEPTABLE! Tribalism that has been under control under the previous regime, has now gain a tremendous resurgence.  That is not a sign of a good social cohesion; that is UNACCEPTABLE! The level of education has plunged dramatically as the youth does not see what the benefits of getting a good education are, as they end up unemployed anyway; that is UNACCEPTABLE! The mentally of getting rich quickly (Feymen) has become the standard. Mediocrity has taken over and the thirst for excellence has been destroyed; that is UNACCEPTABLE!

When so many vital organs are not functioning in any body, death is near. A tremendous effort and courage from all Cameroonians must be mustered to, little by little, bring back the vibrant health in its body, the health it once had. Such effort requires a guiding lead, a spearhead to pierce through the thick forces of darkness and let the Life Force flow through. It requires a leader.

Jean-Jacques Ekindi, by the grace of God and circumstantial providence has shown himself to be such a leader Cameroon awaits. Visionary and courageous, innovator and progressive, Jean-Jacques Ekindi has already demonstrated his ability to stand strong like an African Baobab, through the personal suffering in his political struggle. These sufferings have not just included being shut off from the political discourse, but had also included several jail times, arrest and torture under both Ahmadou Ahidjo and Paul Biya, for his political positions and stands. Yet, Jean-Jacques Ekindi has continued his struggle as a non-violent leader. This is significant, given the usual propensity for “coups d’états” that some seem to always rely upon in Africa. Jean-Jacques Ekindi or the “Lion Hunter” the flattering nickname given him, graduated from the prestigious “Ecole Polytechnique de Paris,” then started his political career.

He started out joining the ruling party, CPDM (the ruling party), with the hope to help create a progressive Cameroon. In 1991 he left the party, after realizing its inefficiency to carry forward the hope and aspirations of the Cameroonian people. His defection to the opposition was noticed as he was the most important figure of the ruling party to leave. In the early 90’s he founded the political party PM (The Progressive Movement) and was elected to the National Assembly as its candidate. He worked intensely to help organize the opposition, proposing political alliances that would constitute the forces of progress and political change in Cameroon. His perfect bilingualism was very useful to rally and communicate efficiently with the diverse population. That ability alone is the ability needed in the next President of Cameroon.

The time is overdue to bring the political change in Cameroon and inspire the country to bring back the values that once made the country prosperous. The illnesses Cameroon suffers must now be addressed. Jean-Jacques Ekindi understands what needs to happen to address those illnesses and move the country forward. Jean-Jacques Ekindi is the leader needed to make the Revival of Cameroon a reality. He invites all Cameroonians of all origins to join him under the baobab tree to help build a new and healthy Cameroon.

Jean-Pierre S.

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