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Oryx Bellois: The Nemesis of EKELEKETE

The early sixties ushered in tidal waves of exciting awareness that there existed massive episodes of unqualified passion in the populations of newly independent African nations. Overtly charismatic leaders like Nkrumah of Ghana,Nasser of Egypt, Sekou Toure of Guinea and later on Mobutu of the new Congo later on known as Zaire, and the emergence of Congo-Brazzaville as a nation of great pith through her footballers, realizing that they could galvanize the newly found frenzy, began tapping the freshly rising sources for further political ambitions and dreams.

Oryx Douala (1965?): 1-Ebell’a Moumi, 2-Djo Maurice, 3-Mbappè Léppé “Le Maréchal”, 4-Tokoto Jean-Pierre, 5- Ndoumb’a Koum “Loba”, 6-Tokoto Rodofphe (goalie), 7-Moukoko “Confiance” (with the ball), 8-Epétè Maurice, 9-Makembe, 11-Essomba Samuel “Essomba Bell” (Photo/credit: Up Station Mountain Club)

Osagyefor Nkumah then launched the competition of the African Club Cup Championship. The first legendary final was played in Accra Sports Stadium between the relatively unknown Oryx of Douala, Cameroon who had triumphed over the great Englebert de Lumumbashi [Elizabethville] with the massively impressive giant Kalala and his able and astute team-mate Ntumba, and the mighty Ashanti Kotoko who had triumphed over the flamboyant Onitsha Red Devils and Aba Giant Killers all of Nigeria.

The Stadium was built for the occasion and very modern by the standards of the early sixties. Nkrumah was at the VIP box of course guarded by a cohort of wizards and magicians from the core and very heart of the dreaded palace of the King of the Ashanti in Kumasi. They kept assuring the Ghanaian populace and the rest of Africa that Ghana was golden and would never experience defeat at any time, especially on Ghanaian soil.

A great challenge was now launched before the wizardry of Ndoumbe Douala and Ekelekete whom legend said lived in the muddy waters of the Djebales in the Wouri estuary. He was often seen in his thatched roofed hut in Bonaberi. Ekelekete watched and observed the impending match and saw what the Ghanaian had done to literary massacre the Oryx Bellois legends or boys.”Bana ba Njoh”[the boys from Bonanjoh] were in danger of being defeated and massively too. He asked Ndoume Douala what they could do to stem the tide of defeat and turn the tables on the dreaded Ghanaian club. They went to the depth of the waters of Wouri and to the spot guarding the powers of Ngondo and fashioned a totem and a wand to neutralize the powers of the fearsome Ashanti wizards. Ekelekete opted to go to Ghana and plant the wand beneath the Accra Sports Stadium.

Ekelekete had to destroy the many faceted totems and wands planted by the cohorts of the Ashanti wizardry. He then planted his packet from the gods of Ngondo in the Wouri. The Ashanti magic was supposed to neutralize the amazing symphony of the flow of the football from the silky skills and talented Oryx playersof the likes of Marechal Mbappe Leppe, Moukoko de Confiance, Priso, Tokoto Rudolphe,E belle and the rising youngsters Tokoto Jean-Pierre, Ndoumbe Toto, Ngalle[now a
medical doctor in Soppo Priso's Hospital], Rigador, and a few others…

The match was on, as the two styles of play came into focus. The Ghanaians were running the ball long, speed and accuracy in passing long balls through very swift footed wingers. The maestro of their midfield was Aggrey-Finn and the full back was Baba Yara. He was stopping every classy movements of Oryx players. As the match raged on, Ekelekete was engaged in a great epic battle with the cohorts of wizards of Ghana who had now discovered him. As they chased him in a mystical hot pursuit, Ashanti Kotoko scored.

Ekelekete’s wand started spewing out its spell. Tokoto collected a rapid pass from the ever reliable Mukoko Confiance, sped down the right and immediately swerved his body beating the mighty Aggrey Finn from a distance before fleet footed passing by Baba Yara left frozen by his sheer speed, passed the ball ever so gently to Ngalle who immediately found Ebelle running into the Ashanti box. Ebelle dribbled past the last defense man and quietly and well focused lobbed the onrushing keeper. The equalizer had come to the consternation of all Ghanaians. Beyond the filed of play, they kept believing Ashanti would carry the day. After all,Ghana was unsinkable, the foremost African nation in everything. If they could always beat Nigeria at any and all levels what African county could stand them?

The electrifying chants and the solid assurances that Ghana would massacre the Cameroonians of Oryx was were never in doubt. Ekelekete had done his job and despite the hot pursuit was on a most dangerous and perilous trip back to Douala. The match continued raging as Ekelekete reached the home shores of Douala, battered, wounded and badly bruised from the intense pursuit and stream of wizards’ arrows aimed at his person. He reached his thatched roofed hut a dying man.

Ashanti Kotoko and Oryx were still tied at one a piece. Ekelekete arrived dying and many of his people welcomed him back but all were in total shock at his impending demise. He with difficulties in breathing, and inaudibly uttered his final words as those present all strained their ears to capture his last words: “Mbana Ee,”he murmured” [I decree]. “Oryx will win. Mbappe Leppe will receive the Cup from the mighty Nkrumah. What the Ghanaians have done to me is a wicked act. Wizards do not kill each other this way. I am about to die. My curse is this: Ghana will never defeat Oryx of Douala, any Cameroonian club and the national team on Ghanaian soil. They will never find the spot where my wand and totem are buried beneath Ghanaian soil.”And Ekelekete gave up the ghost.

The game was on in Accra, passionately and hotly contested. The Ghanaians continued with speed and great electrifying pace and heightened zeal. Tokoto Rudolphe thwarted all their moves with quick thinking actions.

As the Ghanaians were throwing every asset from their arsenal at the Oryx players the unthinkable happened. It was almost ninety minutes. Priso won the ball from Aggrey-Finn, sent a long ball to Moukoko Confiance who created some great space after beating some Ghanaian players with ease and back heeled it to the rock solid Mbappe Leppe at twenty five yards. Mbappe unleashed a thunderous shot and the stunned crowd could hardly believe….the ball was in the Ghanaian net. And there was not time left to continue playing though the referee added five more minutes so the Ghanaians would equalize. It did not happen. Spectators and the commentator described the shot as thunderous, lightning,”burning spear, missile and bomber-shot. The main Ghanaian radio commentator exclaimed in disbelief, “There has been a goal….” he paused for a minute or two and continued,“but it is not an Ashanti goal.This is a disaster for our leader Dr.Kwame Nkrumah and for the Ghanaian nation. We have conceded a goal from Mbappe Leppe,the giant with the greatest shot in Africa…!” The Accra Sports Stadium was as silent as a graveyard.

Dr.Kwame Nkrumah tearfully handed the Cup to legendary Mbappe Leppe.

Cameroon and Ghana meet now again as national teams [The Black Stars versus the Indomitable Lions and on Ghanaian soil. The spirit of Ekelekete is at work coupled with the wand and totem he implanted on Ghanaian soil. The Ghanaian wizards know that they failed to find out where Ekelekete had buried the Douala totem from the gods of Ngondo. Is the wand of Ekelekete still active? We shall know when Cameroon will avenge the death of Ekelekete by mercifully beating Ghana, 2-1.

© Story By Samuel Akale | August 11, 2012 |Cameroonwebnews

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