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Union Bank Of Cameroon Donates To Rhema Grace Orphanage

Posted by Admin on Apr 19th, 2010 and filed under Economie. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

By Chris Mbunwe| Monday 19 April 2010 | The Post|

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, the Union Bank of Cameroon recently visited the Rhema Grace Orphanage to make some donations to its inhabitants. The centre which is located at Ombe on the outskirts of Mutengene, South West region was created about 12 years ago by Mrs Mercy Bate Tataw.

The Ombe branch is home to some 60 children whose ages range from 03-20 years. The orphanage also has a primary and a secondary school where the children are taught mainly by volunteers who are missionaries, with a few employed staff, while a couple of these children are trained out of the centre, at the expense of the centre.

As stated by the Manager of the centre, Rev Allen Ntoko, some of these children who are mainly orphans found themselves at the centre at very tender ages with very complicated health conditions. By the Grace of God, and some Goodwill people and institutions like UBC, thanks to their support they have been able to survive the storms and are surviving with hope for brighter days ahead.

Although the centre owns an undeveloped land where the children and its management cultivate some food crop for daily consumption, typical of such like centres Rhema Grace also experiences insufficient food, lack of drugs, clothing, potable water, finances and employed staff.

It is thus in the bid to sympathise with these children and the sharing spirit of Easter, that Union Bank of Cameroon improvised this visit that saw a remarkable contribution not only of food stuffs, toiletries, clothing and also a cash support (UBC Cheque), all handed to the management of the centre.

This event also provided an opportunity for all present to reflect on our own conditions and seek the face of the Lord. Although, most of the children appeared healthy and happy, living under such conditions has never been the best. Above all, was the message of hope brought to the children by the UBC team, who reminded them that, nothing was lost yet and that they should consider their condition a challenge: rather than break, they should break records. The children treated the UBC delegation to melodious songs expressing praises and thanks to God, who showed his love to them through the wonderful gesture of UBC.

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2 Responses for “Union Bank Of Cameroon Donates To Rhema Grace Orphanage”

  1. Being at Rhema Grace is a pleasure to me. I always visit this orphanage and have had some engineers who’re planning to help ameliorate the situation at the center.

    I have also shot a short documentary about the orphanage and the children, when you watch this, you’ll see yourself at the Rhema Grace orphanage. You just need to click on this link: http://www.vimeo.com/9753225


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