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Death Fog: Lake Nyos Gas Disaster Revisited

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National Geographic Channel, Friday Sept 3, 2010

“In a lakeside village in Cameroon, West Africa, 2,000 people mysteriously die in one night. Witnesses claim their neighbors were suffocated by a white fog as they slept. Without any other clues, the question remains, was this Death Fog natural or man-made? In this area of volcanic activity, could the deaths have been caused by toxic fumes? Or was something even more sinister at work?” National Geographic  Channel.

According to Lake Overturn Theory, an enormous volume of carbon dioxide bursts from a lake suffocating anyone in its path.

A mysterious fog rises from Lake Nyos in Camaroon and unleashes death upon nearly 2,000 people in nearby villages.

Read more about the program here

Click here for additional info about the disaster including the alleged “Israeli connection”

Dibussi Tande| 31 August 2010|Scribbles from the Den|

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