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Cameroun: Kah Walla annonce sa candidature à la magistrature suprême (Video)

Posted by Admin on Oct 29th, 2010 and filed under Featured, Politique. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

“D’aucuns vont poser la questions, mais qui est-elle? Comme on dit dans mon village, c’est meme l’enfant de qui”? Et bien, pour une introduction  devant le peuple camerounais, le moins que l’on puisse dire c’est que Kah Walla a fait une entrée tonitruante sur la scène politique camerounaise. Le SDF et son Chairman John Fru Ndi ont manqué l’opportunité de redonner du souffle à ce parti politique qui perd de son lustre chaque jour que nous approchons léchéance de 2011.

En effet, le Cameroun vient de voir emmerger, à en juger par cet extrait video, la “Lionne” de la politique camerounaise.

Qui vivra vera!

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3 Responses for “Cameroun: Kah Walla annonce sa candidature à la magistrature suprême (Video)”

  1. doubt says:

    You are right…right now I’m wondering who she is and have done some research. I don’t like what I’ve come up with so far. Is the right reaction to internal problems in a party to break off and run for presidency? Hmmm….That very philosophy makes me expect her to duck and dive once the tough decisions of the presidency start coming. The speech in the video is a copy of Obama’s speech….I we copying American solutions to solve Cameroonian problems? I expected to hear her talk about her policy etc, but all she says is the time is now. Time for what? For you to get rich too? Until I see something positive, for me this is just water on a duck’s back!

    • Admin says:

      I though she was introducing herself to the people. Should we suspect anyone who runs for the highest office to be corrupt? Perhaps we want to be patient and see what is her next move. I did not see any copy of Obama’s speech, however. I saw an attempt to capture her audience with Obama’s style. Is anything wrong with that? Maybe we should appreciate her courage. Do you know any other woman in Cameroon who tried to run for president?

      • doubt says:

        Exactly that’s the problem…it’s not about courage.
        It’s about leadership. I know she is CEO of Strategies and has a business consulting background, that’s a plus for her. However, I need to see data about how Strategies! is doing, and what impact they have no the community.

        Revolutionaries don’t get up one bright morning and try to change things…it starts long time before. Even her model, Obama, had been doing a lot underground before taking a shot at the presidency! Leaders aren’t made in a month, it takes long political preparation to be a good leader. So rather than go with the unknown because of “courage”, I’d rather we keep our lovely devil in power….we already know how bad it gets with him. As I have said, I reiterate: I’m waiting for her policies, but her background is not positive to me. This is not a game, it’s the lives of 20million + around the world.

        Speaking of courage, how courageous is it to duck and dive out of the party, just because there’s questioning about some scandals? It is this fractioned and broken up opposition that keeps Paul in power…and from what I’m seeing, he will be there longer.

        I am as desperate for change as any Cameroonian could be; that’s why I even spent time researching her. I generally don’t care about politics, butI was hoping for a viable alternative, but my initial google searches are not encouraging. I’m hoping she can prove me wrong.

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