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CPDM Gov’t Is Gov’t For Thieves – SDF District Chairman

Posted by Admin on Apr 19th, 2010 and filed under Politique. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

By Elvis Tah| Monday19 April 2010 | The Post|

The Buea District Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, George Likiye  has described the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, government as a government for thieves. Likiye was addressing SDF militants during an Electoral District Conference at Mile 14, Dibanda on Saturday, April 17.

The District Chairman cited some CPDM stalwarts and ministers who are behind bars for lining their pockets with state money. He said those CPDM officials of Bakweri origin who were claiming that they have grassroots support because their sons and brothers were occupying key positions in the government are now licking their wounds. “Biya has sacked all those Bakweri people in the Ministry because they are all thieves,” Likiye said.

Reacting to the recent publication of the population census, he said the result is a well calculated act of gerrymandering by the CPDM government. According to him, the census result is tailored to give the Centre Region more population than the Southwest, Northwest and the Littoral Regions. “Going by the population census result, the CPDM government has already created favourable grounds to rig the upcoming Presidential Elections,” Likiye said.

In relation to ELECAM, he said SDF cannot take part in any election supervised by ELECAM, giving its present composition, hear him: “ELECAM is the rigging machinery of CPDM… since the appointment of the Southwest Regional Delegate of ELECAM, Emmanuel Njang, who is a staunch CPDM militant; he has not resigned from the party. You cannot be a referee and a player at the same time,” the District Chairman remarked. He pointed out that if President Biya were to run for an election in Cameroon with Barack Obama, he (Biya) would win because he has put in place very bad laws that are favourable to him.

Likiye took the Mayor of Buea, Charles Mbella Moki, to task for the poor hygiene and sanitation and lack of innovations within the municipality. “The Mayor has been dormant, when SDF had the council, we created many bridges to link villages but when the CPDM Mayor came in, he abandoned the uncompleted projects by SDF. The Buea municipality under the CPDM is dirtier than when it was under the SDF; we don’t know what they are doing with market revenues and council funds,” says Likiye.

He announced that SDF has embarked on some innovations: “We have resolved to go underground and institute a man-to-man politics; we have created a data base to register all our militants and network with them; we have created a printing press in Bamenda where our party materials will be printed,” says Likiye.

The SDF Buea District Vice Chair, Rita Cheri, on her part, called on women to be pro-active in party activities. “Now that we have created the women’s wing of the party, I want to see all the women coming to the fold. Women should not stay by their fireplaces and allow their husbands to go ahead with party activities,” says Cheri.

As if to say there is unity in diversity, the CPDM Sub-section President of Mile 14, Chief Lucas Fotabongo was an important guest at the rally, whereas prominent members of the SDF in Buea, who were gunning for posts of responsibility but lost, were conspicuously absent.
The former District Chairman, Barrister Eta Belong Jr. was absent; he drove passed and simply waved at the militants. Other prominent members like John Endeley Mokake, Kwendi amongst others were also absent.

When we asked the District Chairman their whereabouts; whether their absence was in tandem with allegations that some members are decamping, he said since he became the District Chairman, they have never attended any meeting and that he does not know their reasons for abstaining. He allayed fears that the party seems to be hibernating while the CPDM has launched full scale campaign. “We are not a party that hibernate, is just that we are yet to take a decision as far as the elections are concerned because ELECAM is very questionable,” he said.

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