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‘I Killed 48 People On Yaounde Road’

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One Claudine Mambu is in the news in Yaounde for confessing that she ‘spiritually’ caused an accident along the Yaounde-Bafoussam road involving a vehicle belonging to the KAMI Bus fleet, in which 48 people died. Mambu also talks about her life in the ‘spiritual kingdom’.

The Post: Recently, you confessed after being delivered that you caused an accident involving a KAMI bus in which 48 lives perished?

Well, it’s true. I caused the accident because I was in the kingdom of darkness. I have been in that kingdom for three years. That was the first accident I caused.

How did you cause the accident?

Our pot was dry of blood; our king used the big mirror and saw the vehicle coming. Then he asked me to get ready to attack. I transformed into a grandmother and appeared in front of the car and there I met two members of two different kingdoms.

So, we were from three kingdoms in need of blood and flesh. We shone our spiritual lights into the eyes of the driver to see us. He tried dodging to the left but saw a grandmother, to the right he saw another one and in the middle, still another one, so finally, the bus tumbled and crashed.

Did you get the blood?

Immediately after the accident, the corpses and blood were spiritually transferred to the kingdom.

Tell us other evil things that you caused…

We killed people we didn’t know by name. While we walk on the streets, we throw our magical powder on anyone with a weak faith and he or she just dies even without falling sick.

In which church were you delivered?

It is just a prayer group called the Holy Ghosts zone where my aunt is a member. My aunt asked me to follow her to Chapel for a prayer session on a Thursday. I first refused and later I told her to go ahead, that I would follow with her baby. But I never followed. She called about an hour later asking me to come but I refused.

Then, she warned that she was giving me just two minutes. So, I went there knowing that when she would go outside, I will return to the house. When they were praying, I went outside because the place was too hot for me; I felt uneasy. I later ran home. When she returned with anointed oil, I started feeling uncomfortable again. I felt as if I had rashes all over my body.

She asked why I left before the end of the prayer session. I responded that I wanted to remove dresses from outside. She said the dresses could have remained outside, so far as God is concerned. We were to pray and later that night I was supposed to kill my uncle, Emmanuel Tassi. So, during this short time of discomfort, I traveled spiritually to the kingdom and they gave me some powder to rub my palms and touch my uncle while his eyes were closed in prayer.

I was to kill him on that Thursday. When they were praying, I used my palms to block my ears but could still hear the noise. I was feeling uncomfortable and hearing some noise instead of their prayers. Immediately, I walked to him but he shouted “Jesus!” and I fell without touching him.

Then, I started seeing myself surrounded by fire. I felt uncomfortable that night since they did not take the things I had from the kingdom. The next morning I was taken to one pastor at Nsimeyong. He prayed and took the things. When pastors pray and don’t take all the articles of the kingdom from you, you must go back there.

What do you mean by the kingdom and where is it?

It’s a certain place in the Limbe sea; just like a cult where people do evil.

How did you get to the kingdom?

I was initiated in Bamenda through a soft drink. One of my best friends initiated me with Grenadine which I drank. At about midnight, I felt some sensation in bed. Wondering what the problem was, my friend appeared and told me that the Grenadine I drank was an initiation and it was time for a meeting.

How did you find yourself in Limbe?

I used the spirit of a dove to travel. It took me two minutes from Bamenda to Limbe and from Yaounde to Limbe, equally two minutes.

You got to these places in two minutes too?

Yes, we use sardine tins as our aeroplane and an ant as our pilot. I was delivered immediately I caused the accident. I never drank the blood, nor ate the flesh. So, when they threatened, I went back because of my son and my mother’s image. In the kingdom, they doubled everything that I had.

I had two crowns; they gave me four, ten rings instead of five, four bangles, a chain round my waist and the other round the neck. The crown destined for me was given to my son and it was screwed making it difficult to be removed. Even my four crowns were also screwed. They even gave me hairs to permit me transform into a boy.

What did you use to go and do abroad in a sardine tin?

We visited places and also collaborated with other kingdoms under the seas. At times, they helped us cause accidents in those areas and we brought the blood back to our kingdom or they came and caused disaster in Cameroon.

What happened with your physical self while you used to fly away spiritually?

You would see me sleeping but I’m spiritually gone.

Did you raise an alarm or you did you feel excited joining the kingdom?

I got up that morning feeling weak. But when I got there, they gave me much to eat. Until that morning, I was not active.

Are you still in that kingdom?

No, I have been delivered.

What does the kingdom look like?

It’s just a world like this one although it is invisible; but there, we don’t walk as we do here. When we enter the water, the upper part of our body remains human and the lower part turns into that of a fish.

Did you enjoy being there?

I enjoyed it, since I never knew it was evil.

Can you name some people who are still in the kingdom, for instance, the king; who is he?

We call him King Lucifer and I don’t know him physically.

About how many people are in that kingdom?

So many.

Are all these people eating flesh and drinking blood?

Yes, most of them are girls. Boys are few. What makes girls to be initiated most, are these gleaming hings like bangles, earrings, chains. We make things and other items sold and when a buyer sees them, they attract her in such a way that she must buy. Immediately she buys, she becomes initiated.

How many kingdoms are in Cameroon?

There are many of them. Just in the Limbe Sea, there are many kingdoms.

Do you get married and bear children in that kingdom? Did you have a husband out there?

No, I was not yet married. I was to get married in December to the Prince.

Who is the prince?

We just called him Prince; he is the son of the king.

So what is your relationship with the people of the kingdom now?

No relationship, now. Since my deliverance, I declared that the boundary between us is the blood of Jesus. So, they can’t do anything to me. When I was delivered, they came at night and threatened to kill my son, whom I had initiated into the cult, if I didn’t return. I took my mothers’ image to the kingdom too and usually used it when travelling. At times we travelled to South Africa, America, Europe and other places.

Why were they giving you all these things knowing that you were no longer with them?

This was to stop me from retuning to the church. They even warned that if I dared, they would render me mad or kill me.

So what happened to your son with the crown screwed on his head? Can’t be delivered?

He has been delivered. I went back to the kingdom on my baptism day. For me, I thought I would just enter the water and come out. The pastor prayed and anointed the water. When I went inside, I felt so uncomfortable. Immediately she prayed and wanted to put me into the water, I almost fought her. The spirits from the kingdom knew that if I was baptised, they won’t have me again. So they decided to kill me.

They hit me on the neck and I fell; I can say I was already dead. The pastor removed me from the water and they started praying; I heard their voices from far away as if someone was calling my name. I had already gone into the dark kingdom where I was surrounded. Then I said that someone is calling my name. I was again hit on the neck when I turned to look behind. They asked me whether I thought I had anyone else apart from them.

They asked me to continue walking but I couldn’t because I could not walk. Then, I heard my name again. I wriggled myself out of their hands and ran back towards the direction from which I heard my name. Then I regained consciousness in the physical world where I also saw myself surrounded by people in prayers. They asked me what was happening to me but I said “nothing.”

How old was your son before you were initiated?

I was asked by the king to have a baby so that I do not complain when I sacrifice my womb. When I gave birth I was 17. I had a problem with the father of my child. He refused the child. Since he was a rich man, I cursed him and made him to roam the streets as a mad man.

Where is he now? Have you brought him back to normal?

He is in Bamenda and back to nomal.

How many people have you initiated? Where are they?

So many. Mostly friends, mostly women. Though I initiated both men and women. They are in Bamenda. I used to initiate them through an apple. Most of the things we used to initiate is the apple or Grenadine, because it is just like blood. When you buy it, somebody drinks thinking it is Grenadine, meanwhile, we have transformed it into blood, though it still tastes like Grenadine. For the apple, we used some powder on our palms and hold the apple. I used to leave Bali for Bamenda just to buy an apple which I would use to initiate somebody.

What are you doing to bring them back to normal life?

I always pray for them.

Do you regret that you are no longer enjoying the flesh and blood?

I don’t regret since I know I was in darkness and now I am free and brought to light. All I regret is the way I deformed my mother. Every time I travelled with her image, she would be very sick and would almost die. So, that is the only thing I regret. Since my father left my mum, I also cursed him.
In the kingdom you had a fiancé; was he the only one?

Yes, because in the kingdom, you cannot have two.

Did he use to make love and was it as normal as out here?

No, except you are married. We usually transformed into men and make love to people in the physical world not in the kingdom.

So, you could come and make love to anybody; and what will be the consequences?

To give sickness, especially pregnant women who dream that they are having sex with a man, they end up delivering through operation or even losing the baby.

What are the consequences of a man dreaming that he is having sex with a certain woman?

They give you low sperm count. Usually, during the process, they drain your sperms.

What advice do you have for those who are still in that kingdom? Do you really think you have been delivered?

Yes, I know there is life in Jesus and it is very good. The advice I will give to anyone is to be careful the way they go around; especially boys, who usually see girls with short skirts passing on the way, not knowing who they are and what they do. So, do not take them for granted.

For instance, when I was still in the kingdom, if I met a boy I liked, I will shine my lights in his eyes and he will be forced to talk to me. If he takes me to his house and asks for sex, I will not refuse but if I touch him, I will immediately drain his sperms and he won’t be able to react again. Yet I will pretend as if I don’t know what his problem is and even mock at him. From then you, will have low sperm count.

Why do you think you were easily attracted into the kingdom? Is it because you were very materialistic?

Not even so, because we take beauty from the kingdom. For example, I can decide to be very pretty, shinny and sexy, so much so that if you see me, you must fall for me.

Even me talking to you?

Yes, (laughs), we do it to some people just because of their money. Even if they give just FCFA 25, we take it to the kingdom and from there all the money you work goes to the kingdom. For instance, you can have a million but you won’t see what you are doing with it.

So, we are all at the mercy of these people in the kingdom of darkness?

I am not saying so. The only thing to do, since you are not quite sure, is to be prayerful. When you buy items, pray on them before using them.

After your deliverance, can you now go to the families of those you killed to apologise?

I don’t even know the families, it was just because I was a member of the kingdom and now I am changed. If you are the one, you will also kill me. Won’t you? I can’t go there.

Can you now use this medium, The Post, to appologise to these families?

Well, all I will say is that you all should forgive me. I was not really myself and I was just forced to do it when I was in the kingdom of darkness.

Interviewed By Yerima Kini Nsom|29 Juillet 2010|thepostonline|

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