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Cameroon’s local fans are convinced World Cup has a home in Africa

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Go2010| Jeudi 3 Juin 2010| Go2010|

Ahidjo Mounchili, Njitarie Aoudou and their Bamoun tribesmen have transformed the area around Johannesburg African Arts Centre in Corlett Drive into a mini Yaounde, the Cameroon capital.

Memorabilia, hats, pictures, socks and flags adorn their arts and crafts shop. Resplendent in their red, yellow and green regalia, the supporters say they cannot wait to welcome thousands of their countrymen and the Indomitable Lions, who arrive next week, to South Africa for the World Cup.

“The World Cup trophy did not come to Africa to go back to Europe, it has come to Africa to stay. Cameroon is a hundred percent ready to keep the trophy for the Africans. Samuel Eto’o, Alex Song and Nicolas N’Koulou will take us to the stars,” said Mounchili.

“Denmark, Japan and the Netherlands have not appeared at the World Cup six times like Cameroon. We have more experience in that group,” he added.

“All people in Cameroon support football because there are no small sports like swimming, tennis and others. We are expecting 10000 from Cameroon and we will take them to Bezuidenhout Valley where we have the king of the Bamoun tribe, Ibrahim Mbouombouo Njoya. We will also help some of them find guest houses in Yeoville and Hillbrow,” said Aoudou.

“The second team we will support is South Africa because it is our second homeland and we will sing Shosholoza and blow vuvuzelas. Our third team is Ghana because they played well at the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola. Then it will be Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Algeria in that order.”

Aoudou does not believe his team is made up of a bunch of old crocks.

“They are not so old, only three or four players. The others are very young and I think we are going to perform very well. The youngsters were not ready at the Cup of Nations but they are experienced now,” he said.

“Our message to all those who are coming is that they will be safe in SA.

“I have been here for 12 years and nothing bad has happened to me.

“Cameroon will win the World Cup,” the fans say, breaking into the Waka Waka song, the tournament’s anthem. Apparently, the original Waka Waka song was sung by Cameroonian artists Golden Sons.

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