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FIFA: Blatter Softens Stance on Video Technology

Posted by Admin on Jan 31st, 2010 and filed under Sports. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

Charles Nyende| January 31, 2010| Daily Nation on the Web

Instant Replay Video Boot. It's about time FIFA considers its use to minimize refs errors on all controversial actions that lead to a goal.

Luanda — Fifa President Sepp Blatter has said video technology will be allowed in football only if it is 100 percent efficient.

“The International Football Association Board will be presented with a system and if they find it 100 percent efficient then we will allow goal line technology,” Blatter said at a press conference in Luanda on Friday.

Blatter said two goal line systems had been presented to the board before but rejected for their deficiencies.

Refereeing errors

“Football is a spontaneous game. It is not like tennis with frequent stops,” Blatter responded to questions from journalists about crucial refereeing errors that have occurred at the Nations Cup and the need for video evidence.

Two in particular have influenced the outcome of two crucial matches. Eddy Maillet of Sychellles wrongly ruled offside Kolo Toure’s goal that could have levelled scores at 2-2 in their quarterfinal clash with Algeria while Damon Jerome of South Africa allowed an Egypt third goal against Cameroon that never was when Hassan Ahmed’s free kick ricocheted from the upright.

Television replays clearly showed the ball did not cross the goal line.

African football boss Issa Hayatou strongly defended refereeing at the tournament saying his organisation was happy with the standards displayed by the men in black.

Human element

“We are satisfied with the refereeing at the tournament. Referees are human beings and they do make errors but there is a margin of error that is allowed,” Hayatou said.

“Referees have split decision to make decision and like any human being they make errors. It is important that as long as these errors are not deliberate, football must continue to have the human element,” Hayatou said.

Apparently annoyed at reporters for questioning the judgment of referees Hayatou said: “You journalists sit in your air conditions rooms are and write stories with errors yet you want to criticize referee who work under tough conditions of the weather and demanding fans.”

Fifa has resisted pressure to introduce video refereeing as has happened in other teams sports such as rugby and cricket.

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