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Terrafugia Transition ‘Flying Car’ (PHOTOS, VIDEO): Extraordinary Vehicle Gets Authorities’ OK

Posted by Admin on Jun 30th, 2010 and filed under Technologie. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

Bianca Bosker|06-30-10|Huffpo|

Terrafugia Transition 'Flying Car' Gets Authorities Ok

The Terrafugia Transition, dubbed the “world’s first flying car,” has just received the go-ahead from the FAA.

The Transition’s creators have dubbed the two-seater vehicle a “roadable aircraft:” it can drive on any surface, and, thanks to its foldable wings, can transform into a personal airplane. It can fly at a speed of 115 MPH and has a 460-mile range. As the Telegraph notes, it “requires a 1,700-foot (one-third of a mile) runway to take off and can fit in a standard garage.” The “flying car” is expected to retail for $194,000.

As AutoBlog explains, the Transition has just received special approval from US air authorities:

The FAA has just awarded the Terrafugia Transition an exemption which will allow the 1,440-pound car/aircraft hybrid to fly under a “light sport” designation, even though it hits the scales at a hefty 120 lbs. more than the rules allow. A light sport pilot license only requires 20 hours of seat time – far less than what a full license would demand.

CNET likens the Terrafugia Transition to a “Volkswagen Beetle in the belly of a carp.” Think so? See for yourself in the pictures of the “flying car” below.

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