Meet Bello Maasaba, The Nigerian Islamic Faith Healer Has 107 wives

When do you say enough is enough?

Bello Maasaba, a Nigrian Healer may soon enter the Guinness Book of Records with as many as 107 wives and 185 children, the Los Angeles Times reports. No kidding!

The youngest kid is just one month old.

The old pa’ is currently wed to 86 wives ranging in age from 19 through 64. Nine passed away, and another 12 divorced him, the  Times said.

Why would some one has so many wives?

“I get a revelation from God telling me any woman I’m going to marry. If  it wasn’t from God, I wouldn’t have gone beyond two,” he told the newspaper.

The 87 years old islamic faith healer and polygamist from the city of  Bida, Niger State, houses his family in a 4 story building with 89 rooms. His extended family, including cousins, in-laws, nephews and nieces, totals 5000 members and counting. In most African countries, that’s  more that’s a city.

The Islamic authorities were so fed up with Maasaba’s  lifestyle that he was send to jail three years ago. When asked to keep only four wives and to let go the rest, Maasaba refused; His wives demonstrated in his favor when he was in jail (11 were pregnant) until the case went to trial. They sided with him and told the judge that they married him on their own free will. After the judge heard the 57th wife, he gave up the hearings and the court ordered Maasaba’s release.

Maasaba does not beleive in “whiteman” medecine, so much so that when a family member is sick, the healer uses his will power to cast away the sickness. When any of them dies, “it’s God who gave them to me, and it’s God who takes them from me,” Maasaba says unannoyed.

Where does the healer find his Mojo?

In an era where viagra is in some men’s vernacular, Maasaba replies when asked, “God has given me the power and strength to give them the sexual portion they need,” he says. “If I didn’t satisfy them, they would leave.”

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