Cameroon-Buea: Journalists Brutalized, Confirm Arrest of Mola Njoh Litumbe

This is a developing story …

About five journalists have been brutalized

I write to confirm that Molah Njoh is under house arrest. It is in front of his residence that police men have just beaten me, seizing my id card. just few minutes ago. I was with Mua Paul another colleague. We went there to check whether Mola Njoh was still alive given the troops surrounding his home.

As soon as we alighted from the taxi Ho! ho! they called. We presented ourselves and they asked us why we were there, accusing us of coming to support Mola Njoh. Before we could explain, a police officer, name tag Batogo Leonard, gave instructions to a major, “two V police”, who gave me a serious slap. They said they wanted to search my bag but I told them that without any warrant I dont think it would be possible. They were drinking and already drunk. They were headed by a four star commisoner.

After they seize our ID cards, i called the regional delegate for police Owona Theophile who said the troops there are not under his control. It seems they came in from Yaounde. I don’t know how i managed to escape from their hands abandoning my id card still in their keeping.

I called the private sec of the DG for National Security  a certain Nguele, and told him that the attack on journalists is not going to do any good, and that he should inform his boss. I have also called the governor of the SW Koumpa Issa who was just listening to me only to say at the end, OK.

As I left, i received a call from Boudhi Adams of The Post who told me he had been picked up at their office. He was ferried to Molyko and he told me they were to take him to judicial police. His fate unclear. As I write, Boudhi just called that he is being held at judicial police together with Elvis Tarh, on grounds that they received a document I cannot name for now.

Patrick Siani who works with The Post is being detained until now at the GMI with the more than 50 activists I saw there. When I arrived the checkpoint where rallies of parties were taking place i was told Tamfu Harison of Equinox had his camera seized but later returned. I could not get to him by the time of writing .

More than 50 activists are detained at GMI in Buea around regional hospital annex. 20 or more have sought refuge at the residence of the Nigerian consul general, while others are been held at the gendarmerie legion and central police station.

I have told the authorities concerned that the attack on journalists is simply giving the Struggle for Southern Cameroons independence a different twis. I trudge to write, time for me to get some pain killers after taking a dose of police brutality.. without ruling out legal action

God is watching.

Solomon Amabo A.
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Equinox Radio/Television
P.R.O. Camasej-D
P.O.Box 5082, Douala,Cameroon
Home: (237) 22687972
Email: [email protected]

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