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Chantal Biya’s Eccentric Style (PHOTOS)

Posted by Admin on Jul 30th, 2010 and filed under Lifestyle. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

Sit Down Carla Perfection Has Arrived

In an attempt to sway the world’s public opinion as Cameroon is  heading towards the 2011 presidential election, it seems like the Cameroon government is using every tricks in the book to portray Cameroon in a positive light . The latest is this article in the Huffington Post that uses the First lady of Cameroon’s image to win every heart who might question why Cameroonians want CHANGE in Cameroon. A reminder though, the first lady had already been portrayed in that same outlet last September 2009 by Zandile Blay. Pure coincidence or just the love of the First lady in display here?

As you will read and see below, it is undeniable that our first lady is glamorous. However, you will also find some comments following that same article where some bright minds ask some painfully true questions, amongst them, “What does she do for her people?” Read on and enjoy the photos!

Cameroon’s First Lady Chantal Biya has undeniably eclectic taste. She’s never said no to bold color, lace shirts and shiny skirts. Although she is reportedly a fan of Chanel and Dior, it’s not necessarily her clothing that’s the most eye-catching–it’s her auburn ‘do, her most famous hairstyle being the banane. Take a look at some of Mrs. Biya’s fabulous ensembles and tell us which ones you love and which you’d leave behind.

[slideshow id=63]

Below: Comments on the Huffingtonpost.

Phil Setchfield
One word: hideous.


There’s “Big hair”, then, there’s chantel biya!


Obviously the people of Cameroon are paying for all her eccentricities. And those look particulary expensive.

Are you really sure about that. Could her family have money that she has access to? Could all the people in the fashion industry who like her send her clothes. If she wears their items, the designers get publicity. There are a lot of ways that celebrity people, politicians get the clothes they wear on their backs. J. Crew designed and gave the Obama girls many items to promote them. Regardless of whether you like what she wears, there are a lot of people who do and for that reason designers give away a lot of items. Grow up!

Yikes! Looks like we’ve got another Imelda Marcos on our hands! Good luck Cameroon!

Imelda was a ruler. This woman just happens to be the wife of a president who has an eccentric style. Your getting your people and positions mixed up. Your exaggerating without any proof or common sense.

Quintessential reason teenagers NEVER want to be seen with ma at the mall.

Awesome. This woman’s got fashion moxie!

The hair (wig?) she has in photo 12…wow.

No1 ILoveLucyFan
She looks like Fran Drescher, Liberace, Richard Simmons, and the ladies from AbFab had a kid…yeah, I know it’s biologically impossible…but then again, so is her hair color. Is that by Heinz?

Looks like she is wearing an indigenous Camooronian animal on her noggin. I’m sure it’s a case of her attendants fearing for their lives should they ever have the audacity to question her tastes when it comes to wig choices. She’s wiggin’ out!!

For a minute, I thought they were refilming ‘Amadeus’.

Yeah she likes fancy things in bright colors…so what does she do for her people? A quick google search: She married President Paul Biya on 23 April 1994, after his first wife, Jeanne-Irène Biya, died in 1992. Chantal Biya and her husband are the most corrupt presidential couples in Africa. Last september, 2009, Paul Biya and his entourage visited France and spend more than 800,000 Euros in less than four weeks while Cameroonians are suffering and dieing from poor health. Go to www.youtube.com/voiceofcameroon and check out this grusome video from Cameroon titled “African surgeries” in our channel on youtube and you’ll see for yourself the poor, unsanitized conditions of hospitals in Cameroon. As a brutal, tyranic dictator, Paul Biya will use the Cameroon armed forces to KILL HIS PEOPLE AT WILL.

She looks like a modern day (well kind of modern) Marie Antoinette
Let them eat cake!!

She looks like a character from a bad John Waters movie.

She is definitely smuggling something under that.

why o why o why is she skin bleaching?
why dont africans have self love?

eyes rolling.

Dude you are out of your mind. She is light skin. She is ever being like that.
Only one black person ever bleached himself and he is dead now.

She is of mixed blood, hence light-skinned. In addition to that, she’s bleached the heck out of her skin and then adds on a ton of make-up. Ghastly!

Roy Heath
No, it’s a ‘cultural’ battle. Kind of like why some ‘peoples’ flatten and straight their hair and why others tan until leather. Skin bleaching is no different than tanning or straightening hair.

Good Dog. How many of Dolly Parton‘s yardsales can one person attend?

Seriously she looks like Marie Antoinette in some pictures. Just hope with her lavish and reckless lifestyle she doesn’t end up like her….

She looks like the wife of a Third-World dictator.

some of those dresses were nice. Some of them could be nice if a hat were taken out, or her hair were different, etc. I like her a lot actually!

That’s a LOTTA hair!
I get a headache from having mine up for a night and I don’t have half as much…
Wig or real that’s a big load on the neck after a few hours.
Power to you lady. Hope you got a good masseuse for when it comes down or off.

Amazing – you gotta wonder how much hairspray she uses on a given day. And in related news, scientists have discovered a small hole in the ozone layer that has opened up, peculiarly, right above the presidential palace in Cameroon. Details at 11.

Why does she always wear the dead beaver on her head?

Imelda Marcos and Tammy Faye Baker all rolled into one person.

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