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France Set To Deport Gay Cameroonian

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In January, Honoré arrived in France after fleeing from his homeland in Cameroon. He is scheduled to be deported to Cameroon because he did not automatically apply for asylum on the grounds of being gay in Cameroon would lead to him being persecuted. He did not know that he could do that. On 12 September, he was scheduled to be deported in handcuffs and shackles, but the pilot of the plane refused to do so. Unfortunately, tomorrow, a new flight is suppose to leave with Honoré on it.

He is of the Bamileke ethnicity in Cameroon, and it was his relationship with the son of a prominent member of that ethnic group which led to his sexuality being revealed and threats being made against him.

The French LGBT Groups Ardhis and IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia) have called for support to stop France from deporting Honoré. Ardhis has had to push for other Cameroonians to receive asylum. So far, neither Ardhis or IDAHO have received any response from the French Minister responsible for granting asylum.

The groups have set up a petition to urge that he be given asylum, and offered two form letters that could be used to push for Honoré to remain in France.

http://www.mesopinions.com/detail petition.php?ID_PETITION=661876eba6a785ae07b39ba1a40a4844

To help Honore, you can write to the prefect of Seine et Marne, by email, fax, or snail mail.

Here are the contacts of the Prefecture of Seine et Marne:

* Prefect of Seine-et-Marne: Jean-Michel Drevet: [email protected]
* Secretary General of the Prefecture: Serge Gouteyron: [email protected]
* Chief of Staff: Maurice Tubul: [email protected] FAX: 01 60 43 63 33

We offer a form letter or personalized copy, making sure to remain courteous:

[Google translation]

Mr. Prefect

I would like to share my experience anxiety when the situation Honore, a national of Cameroon, within the scope of a decision of deportation by making your services (reference APRF: 10-77-00785 ) . He is currently the focus of retention Mesnil Amelot and his flight is scheduled for Sunday at 13.50 by an Air France flight No. 946 from Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Honore fears of abuse that his homosexuality was revealed recently in his country where homophobia is endemic: the media and churches grow and feed the hatred of homosexuals by making them responsible for all internal ailments in Cameroon. The homosexual is also a crime and many are those who have been or are still held for this reason.

Honore, who came to France recently, unaware that he could seek asylum on this ground and no one has done that while he was in detention. As a result he was denied a legal support specialist on issues of gender violence. Therefore, he wishes to file an appeal with the court’s national asylum.

The association Ardhis ( www.ardhis.org ) supports gay asylum seekers in their efforts, she intends to follow in his appeal once he was released from detention. This association is aware of several decisions of recognition of refugee status by the Court of homosexual persons (the) Cameroon (es).

I urge you, Mr. Prefect, to use your discretion, to suspend the decision of deportation is striking Honore and repeal the prefectural deportation order against him, so that can calmly prepare and present its appeal before the Court of National Right to Asylum.

In the confident expectation of your decision, receive, Mr. Warden, the expression of my profound consideration.

First Name


Monsieur le Préfet,

Je souhaite vous faire part de ma très vivre inquiétude quand à la situation d’Honoré, ressortissant Camerounais, sous le coup d’une décision de reconduite à la frontière prise par vos services (référence de l’APRF : 10-77-00785). Il se trouve actuellement au centre de rétention du Mesnil Amelot et son vol est prévu pour ce dimanche à 13h50 par un vol Air France n°946 au départ de Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Honoré craint des mauvais traitements du fait que son homosexualité a été dévoilée récemment dans son pays où l’homophobie est endémique : les médias et les églises cultivent et alimentent cette haine des personnes homosexuelles en les rendant responsables de tous les maux internes au Cameroun. La pratique homosexuelle est par ailleurs un délit et nombreux sont ceux et celles qui ont été ou bien sont encore détenus pour ce motif.

Honoré, qui est entré en France récemment, ignorait qu’il pouvait demander l’asile sur ce motif et ne l’a donc fait qu’alors qu’il se trouvait en rétention. De ce fait il n’a pu bénéficier d’un accompagnement juridique spécialisé sur les questions de violences de genre. C’est pourquoi, il souhaite déposer un recours devant la cour national du droit d’asile.

L’association Ardhis (www.ardhis.org) accompagne les demandeurs d’asile homosexuels dans leurs démarches ; elle se propose de le suivre dans son recours dès qu’il serait sorti de rétention. Cette association a connaissance de plusieurs décisions de reconnaissance du statut de réfugié par la Cour à des personnes homosexuel(les) camerounais(es).

Je vous demande donc instamment, Monsieur le Prefet, d’user de votre pouvoir discrétionnaire, pour suspendre la décision de reconduite à la frontière qui frappe Honoré et abroger l’arrêté préfectoral de reconduite à la frontière pris à son encontre, afin qu’il puisse sereinement préparer et présenter son recours devant la Cour Nationale du Droit d’Asile.

Dans l’attente confiante de votre décision, recevez, Monsieur Le Préfet, l’expression de ma profonde considération.

Nom Prénom

Bridgette P. LaVictoire|14 Septembre 2010| Let’s Get Real|

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